Veo Sweat-Diverting Strip

An ultralight adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes.

Veo Strips are recyclable!

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Veo Is Changing The Paradigm

Keeps You Cooler

Veo Strips don't trap heat, allowing sweat to keep you cool.

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Unlimited Capacity

No absorption, no saturation and no dripping in the eyes.

Veo’s patented sweat-diverting channel ensures that sweat won’t interfere with performance.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Veo Strips are made of super soft material.

Each strip weighs less than 2 grams.

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Train Clear-eyed

Join the many cyclists, runners, rowers, pickleball players, crossfitters and sweaty weekend warriors who use Veo Strips to keep sweat out of their eyes in training and races. 

Veo Strips are made in the USA. 

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ease of use

Simple Application

Veo Strips are lightweight and easy to apply to the forehead. 

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I started with Veo on the rollers and TT bike; now I use it on all my training rides and races.

Tom Bohli, Tudor Pro Cycling

I sweat a lot! I also wear prescription sunglasses while playing competitive Pickleball. Veo has made a huge difference in how often my glasses get soaked and how often I have to go to the towel. I’m sold!

Kim Jagd

These are great! While I bought them for outdoors now using indoors on spin bikes & my Peloton!

Tom D.

Veo strips work great! Best product I’ve ever used for keeping sweat out of my eyes.


1st time used in IMAZ 70.3 yesterday! Zero sweat in my eyes!

Steve E.

I am a Triathlete and I sweat a lot due to training in South Florida... I use it on my bike and run and it keeps my eyes dry!!


This product is covered by one or more patents or patent applications, including U.S. Patent Nos. 9,565,887; 9,585,427; European Patent No. 2765880; and Australian Patent Nos. 2012323265, 2018250408. Other patent applications are pending. 

Alternative Athletic Headbands

Veo creates a new paradigm in handling sweat. Unlike fabric athletic headbands that absorb sweat until they drip, Veo channels sweat to the side of your face to fall harmlessly away before it reaches your eyes.

Research has proven that the forehead generates more sweat per square inch than anywhere else on the body. No absorbent product can hold it all. Evaporation can’t dry a fabric headband fast enough to prevent saturation. But Veo has unlimited capacity: it doesn’t absorb sweat; it diverts it.

Veo is soft, conformable, and won’t trap heat like an athletic headband or non-slip headband. Sweat performs important physiological functions, foremost among them temperature regulation: Veo is the first product to work with, rather than against, your body’s natural cooling system. Sweat cools by direct evaporation from the skin’s surface, whereas fabric covering the skin impedes and slows natural evaporative cooling. Try Veo. You’ll say goodbye to fabric and bandanas for good.