Veo Sweat-Diverting strip

Veo is an ultra-light, single use adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes.  Because Veo Strips channel, rather than absorb, they cannot saturate and have unlimited capacity.  Veo Strips are made in the USA. 

Comes in Clear and seven other colors. Clear, Pink and Black Veo Strips are now Gen 2 – even lighter and more supple!

Veo changes the paradigm in dealing with sweat.  No absorption, no saturation and no dripping in the eyes. Veo’s patented sweat-diverting channel ensures that sweat won’t interfere with performance. Learn more in Science Behind Veo.

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Tom Bohli talks about his journey to becoming a professional cyclist, and how Veo Strips help him ride at his best.

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A Tribute to Paul Sherwen

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Paul Sherwen, Breckenridge, Colorado - 2017

Many of you know that Paul Sherwen, who tragically died at the age of 62 on Sunday December 2, 2018, was a good friend to Veo, and we will miss him terribly.  He meant so much to the cycling world, but also well beyond it, from his wildlife preservation efforts to his other charitable pursuits in Africa.  He brought his genuine and generous spirit to everything he did, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

We had the chance to meet him at 2017 and 2018 Tour of California and the 2017 Colorado Classic.  We shared an interest in the TIBCO/SVB women’s cycling team, which gave me several opportunities to spend some relaxed time with this extraordinary man.  He had an exceptionally quick wit, and it was easy to see why he was able to engage audiences over the very long stretches of broadcast in the Tour de France and other races.  He was interesting and interested, and it came through in the way he interacted with Phil Liggett and their viewers, exactly the kind of person you would like in your home.  I think that’s why so many enjoyed him every July- he was just plain fun to be around.  And beyond his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport, his human side always came through, from his caring for African wildlife to his love of family.

The news was just too shocking; no one was ready to bid farewell to this treasured individual.  –Jim

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25

Available in Clear and 7 Different Colors

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Veo is my new secret weapon!
— Lex Albrecht, Team TIBCO-SVB
Veo is great on the rollers and TT bike.
— Tom Bohli, BMC Racing Team
“In the hot, hazy, humid days, I’ve been sweating like a pig and had taken to carrying a piece of old towel to wipe my brow and keep the burning sweat out of my eyes. I put on a Veo Strips and problem solved. You don’t even notice its there. They just plain work.”
— Steve G.- In The Know Cycling
“The Veo Strip worked really well, I made the mistake of thinking I wasn’t going to need one the next day at the Berkeley criterium and sweat was pouring in my eyes.”
— Theo G. -Mike's Bike's Team Rider
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