Best Headbands for Basketball

That second you use your shirt to wipe sweat from your eyes could be the moment you miss a pass or an opportunity to take a shot. And any trash talk you dish out loses its sting when you’re contorting your face trying to avoid sweat rolling into your eyes.

The best headbands for basketball aren’t really headbands at all: they’re Veo sweat-diverting strips. Veo channels sweat away to the sides of your face before it rolls into your eyes, stinging and blurring your vision.

Cloth headbands soak up sweat until they can’t contain anymore. Your forehead produces more sweat per square inch than any other part of your body. Fabric headbands can’t hold up to that—they become saturated, and when they do, they can’t hold another drop of sweat. Those briny droplets will just drip right out of them and head right down toward your eyes. You don’t have time to change sweatbands when you’re crashing the boards, so are you just going to put up with blurred vision and stinging eyes?

With Veo sweat-diverting strips, you’ll never have to endure the salty sting of sweat in your eyes during a game again. Veo strips are the best headbands for basketball because with Veo, the sweat from your forehead never reaches your eyes. Veo’s channel diverts sweat sideways, where it can fall away from your face and never reach your eyes.

Veo Strips don’t interfere with the natural cooling process that sweat provides. Fabric headbands trap heat on your forehead and absorb sweat until saturation, slowing the evaporative cooling process. You’ve never experienced a cooling sweatband like it: Veo Strips adhere to your forehead. They’re slim and subtle, and they do their job without fanfare.

They won’t interfere with your style either: if you have a lucky headband or a signature bandana, go ahead and wear it. A Veo cooling sweatband strip will sit across your forehead below the headband and catch sweat that’s rolling from your saturated fabric toward your eyes.

The channel in the Veo Strip directs sweat sideways, where it can roll away down the sides of your face, away from your eyes, and keep doing its job of providing evaporative cooling for your body. That’s why the best basketball headbands aren’t headbands: they’re Veo sweat-diverting strips. Try Veo today.