Tips for Applying Veo Strips

  • Apply the Veo Strip to CLEAN, DRY skin. Put it on before you start sweating or apply sunscreen or lotion. Though it shouldn’t be necessary, you can use an alcohol wipe on your skin beforehand for maximum adhesion of the strip.

  • Apply from the center outward and make sure the strip curves slightly downward with the end falling between your eyebrow and hairline.

  • Press Veo firmly to your skin. Wait a few minutes after applying to let the adhesive warm to the skin and press it firmly again.  For strongest bond, complete placement of Veo Strip 10 minutes prior to commencement of exercise.  

  • Avoid sticking Veo Strip to your hair; it won't stick well there, and can pull the hair on removal. 

  • Veo can be trimmed to length if needed.