How To Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes During A Triathlon

Whether tackling a sprint distance triathlon or a full Ironman event, you’re going to sweat. Most athletes don’t consider the potential hazards and performance loss that can occur if they’re not prepared for the inevitable sweat dripping down their face during the bike or run.

Stinging eyes and sweat-smudged lenses will impair your vision and create a safety hazard, not to mention the performance loss you may suffer dealing with it during the event. Once sweat gets in your eyes and begins irritating them; it’s essentially too late. Rubbing your eyes makes it worse. Stopping to flush with water causes you to lose precious time, and typically just draws more sweat off your skin into your eyes. And absorbent solutions trap heat and ultimately saturate and drip, failing to perform their intended purpose.

The Solution is Sweat Diversion

Obviously, triathletes can’t prevent themselves from sweating. It’s important to sweat during any sporting event, it’s critical to optimum performance. Our innovative Veo Strips allow athletes to divert sweat away from the eyes, face, and glasses.

Sweat plays a crucial role in heat regulation. During a 70.3 or Ironman you need to sweat effectively to keep your core temperature down. Veo Strips don’t trap heat, allowing sweat to regulate temperature. Our solution has no skin-covering fabric—think hat, headband or bandana—that ultimately traps heat.

Sweat is a major component of the body’s natural temperature regulation system. Whether cycling or running, sweat happens. A sweat saturated fabric sweatband across your forehead will ultimately get uncomfortable and it won’t prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. Eventually that saturated headband will drip.

Stinging, irritated eyes, and the resulting blurred vision and excess blinking will compromise your safety, the safety of those around you, and your race.

Sweat-Diverting Sweat Band

Veo is a slim, adhesive, lightweight strip with a channel that redirects sweat away from your eyes and glasses. You simply apply the Veo Strip to your forehead, where it interrupts the flow of sweat headed for your eyes, sending it instead to the sides of your face where it can fall harmlessly.

Triathletes apply Veo prior to the swim, when the forehead is clean and dry. You can wear a swim cap over it. When exiting the water, Veo is already in place, so it adds no time to T1, just a little care in removing the cap.

Veo Strips fit across the forehead, comfortably above your glasses and below your helmet. You can easily take on and off the helmet in transition without needing to adjust or put on another hat or sweatband.

Explore the Benefits of Veo

Veo Strips can minimize distractions, protect your eyes from stinging and blurring, and let your body regulate its temperature in the way physiology intends.

  • Veo Strip works with your body, not against it. It catches and diverts sweat but doesn’t trap heat.
  • It can’t get saturated and drip sweat into your eyes like a typical cloth headband.
  • It’s slim, lightweight, subtle, and effective.
  • Once you fix it to your forehead, you can forget about it until your race or training session is complete.

Success in triathlon is determined in-part by one’s grit and the amount of suffering one can tolerate. That said, why suffer unnecessarily? Try Veo and take the sting out.

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash.

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