Best Sweatband for Running

You demand the best from your running shoes. You wear sunscreen and running clothes that breathe. You watch what you eat making sure you get the nutrition you need to achieve the performance you want. So why are you still putting up with soggy sweatbands that trap heat and let sweat drip into your eyes?

Technical advances in shoes, clothing and nutrition have improved running performances, but innovations in dealing with sweat has lagged—until now. Veo is the sweat and heat regulating tech you’ve been seeking. Veo strips work differently than traditional headbands for running.

Veo solves the issues of stinging eyes, dripping glasses, and sweat-blurred vision. Rather than absorbing sweat, Veo channels sweat to the sides of the face making it a more effective and better sweatband for runners.

Veo lets sweat perform its vital function of regulating body temperature. Sweat cools athletes by evaporating from the skin’s surface; Veo allows this natural process to occur without interference.

Absorbent, or moisture wicking, headbands cover skin and trap heat, actually impeding and slowing the cooling effect of evaporation from the skin. They store rather than remove sweat. When fabric sweatbands reach their absorbent capacity, sweat has nowhere to go but to drip where gravity tells it to…right into your eyes and all over your glasses.

Veo’s patented sweat-channeling makes it one of the best sweatbands for running. It’s very low profile, and you can wear it with or without a hat. Veo is made of soft, comfortable material that conforms to your forehead.

Veo is an essential addition to your collection of running and performance gear.