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Veo Strips

Veo Strips

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Veo Strips | Alternative Sweatband

Veo is an ultralight adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes. Because Veo Strips channel sweat, rather than absorbing it, they won’t get soggy and saturated. They have unlimited capacity.

Sweat regulates body temperature through evaporation. Veo doesn’t interfere with sweat’s job by soaking it up. It simply diverts sweat to the side, allowing for normal evaporative cooling, like a type of cooling headband—without the sting of sweat dripping in your eyes.

  • Free First-Class shipping in the USA; Veo typically arrives in 3-5 days.
  • Veo Strips are recyclable. (Choose "Yes" in the options above if you would like a recycling return envelope to send us your used strips.)

Veo Features & Benefits

Unlimited Capacity

  • No absorption, no saturation and no dripping in the eyes.
  • Veo’s patented sweat-diverting channel ensures that sweat won’t interfere with performance.

Keeps You Cooler

  • Veo strips don't trap heat, allowing sweat to keep you cool, effectively functioning as a cooling headband.

Lightweight and Comfortable

  • Veo Strips are made of super soft material.
  • Each strip weighs less than 2 grams.

Join the professional cyclists, runners, triathletes, and sweaty weekend warriors who use Veo Strips to keep sweat out of their eyes while training and racing. Marathons, time trials, and Zwift workouts are just a few of the places athletes are using the Veo Strip.

Patented.  Made in the USA.

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