Best Headbands for Tennis

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as smashing a forehand passing shot down the line, or crushing an overhead so hard your opponent has no chance of returning the shot. And there’s nothing quite as frustrating as whiffing a shot, missing a slice, or wrongfooting yourself because stinging sweat got in your eyes, and you can’t see clearly. But that’s why tennis players wear headbands, right?

The best headbands for tennis don’t soak up sweat—they divert it. Veo Strips adhere to your forehead and channel sweat away toward the sides of your face, where it can fall away harmlessly. That way, sweat won’t interrupt your play.

Did you know that your forehead produces more sweat per square inch than any other part of your body? No fabric headband can stand up to that. Eventually, a terry cloth sweatband or a cotton bandana will become saturated. And when that happens, sweat will just drip off the headband, roll down your forehead, and head for your eyes.

Cloth headbands also interfere with the natural cooling effect of sweating. Instead of allowing the sweat to evaporate directly off the skin, carrying excess body heat with it, a cloth headband will trap heat and sweat against your forehead, resulting in slow evaporation.

Veo Strips do neither: they’re a slim, subtle headband for tennis that lets sweat do its job of cooling you without rolling into your eyes, blurring your vision, and causing that salty sting. And worse—if that sweat is sweeping sunscreen along with it, that can sting your eyes just as badly, plus the sunscreen gets diverted, too.

Veo Strips divert sweat and sunscreen before they can get into your eyes. They have a small channel that directs sweat sideways, to the edges of your face, where it drops off.

Veo strips are the best headbands for tennis because they not only divert sweat away from your eyes, but they also don’t interfere with hats or sunglasses. You can apply a Veo strip to your forehead and still wear your lucky hat for your next match. So if you’re looking for the best tennis sweatbands, stop looking at fabric and elastic styles—choose Veo Strips instead. Sweat will never cause you to miss that searing backhand crosscourt again.