Frequently Asked Questions

How is Veo different from other sweat bands?

  • Veo is very different from, and far outperforms, absorbent sweatbands. It is designed to let sweat do its cooling job, but to prevent sweat from doing what you don’t want it to, namely to get in your eyes and on your glasses.
  • Veo diverts, rather than absorbs, so has unlimited capacity.
  • Veo covers minimal skin so it does not trap heat like an absorbent band.
  • Since Veo doesn’t encircle the head, it can be worn low to the brow and will not interfere with a helmet.

Is Veo recyclable?

Yes. Veo Strips are recyclable! Learn about our sustainability program

I’m a triathlete, can I use this during the swim then to bike?

Our triathlete users place Veo prior to the swim. This will necessitate a bit of care when removing the swim cap, but not in such a way as to take extra time (it can be pulled off from back to front). Veo’s adhesive then lasts throughout the bike and run. Veo is worn low to the brow, with the ends aimed downward. This facilitates drainage (and in fact is one reason Veo is a strip and not a full band, which must follow a straight path), even in the aero position. One thing we have done in reaction to triathlete requests is to prototype longer strips, which allows for more side coverage as the strip is aimed downward at the ends. Contact us directly about longer strip options.

How is Veo different than other sweat-diverting products?

Veo has several advantages over other approaches. The difference that enables Veo’s benefits: rather than a head-encircling band, Veo is a strip held in place by adhesive. This means:
  • Veo can be worn low to the brow for maximum catchment area (bands cannot; check the shape of the back of your head!)
  • There is no need for constriction to produce a seal to the skin; it is inherent in the design.
  • There is nothing in the back to interfere with a helmet.
  • In contrast to some other bands, there is no fabric to trap heat, and no fabric path to permit sweat to get into the eyes.
  • Many of our users have migrated from other products!