Best Headbands for Football

Sweating is a natural part of any physical activity, especially in strenuous sports like football, but nobody likes to feel drenched in it. Perspiration naturally drips down your face and into your eyes, impairing your vision. It’s difficult to wipe it away while wearing a helmet. This is where Veo Strips excel.

Veo makes the best sweatband for football players as they divert sweat away from your eyes, allowing you to focus on the game and your performance. Veo eliminates the need to wipe away sweat, they are unobtrusive, and the strips are slim, not bulky, allowing them to fit securely under the helmet. This differs from the standard headband, which absorbs sweat. Fabric can only absorb so much, once saturated it flows down the face.

We’ve carefully created our product to ensure it is low profile, comfortable, and easy to wear. Plus, Veo allows sweat to do what our body intends—cool you down! With our strips, you don’t have to worry about a drip of sweat clouding your sight. Wearing Veo won’t interfere with your helmet since this sweatband for football does not wrap around your entire head. Instead, Veo rests on your brow line to divert sweat away from your eye.

When you play a sport, you need to keep your eyes focused on the ball and other players. With this sweatband for football, you won’t trap any heat between the band and your skin. Best of all, Veo is easy to apply! Simply apply a strip on your clean, dry skin before applying any lotion or breaking a sweat. The band should go just above your brow line.

Our body sweats to cool down, but getting sweat in your eyes is never helpful. Keep your vision clear and focused on your game.