Best Headband for Cycling

Cyclists love Veo. Many of our users have tried multiple other products without finding a solution to the problem of sweat dripping into their eyes while training or racing. Cycling is a great workout, and as such, generates a lot of sweat. Unfortunately, that leads to stinging eyes and blurred vision.

Veo solves that problem. It is specifically designed to channel sweat away from the eyes while preserving perspiration’s natural evaporative cooling effect. Instead of absorbing sweat, trapping heat, and getting soggy and saturated like traditional fabric sweatbands, Veo’s sleek design and superior function work with your body’s natural cooling system, not against it.

Several design features make Veo the best headband for cycling. Veo is low profile and fits comfortably below any helmet. Because Veo is adhesive, it remains reliably in place for your entire ride, whether that is a quick session on a trainer or a century ride outside. Because it doesn’t trap heat or moisture, it’s also more comfortable.

One of the greatest pleasures of cycling is experiencing nature—the breezes, the birds, and the endlessly fascinating variations in terrain. As cyclists, runners, rowers, and all-around lovers of outdoor activity, the team at Veo puts a high priority on sustainability. We want to help preserve the beauty of the outdoors, conserve resources, reduce waste, and minimize pollution as much as we can. That’s why Veo strips are 100 percent recyclable, down to their packaging. We make recycling our products easy for you: just request a recycling envelope when you order, send it back to us with your used Veo strips, and we’ll take it from there. We ensure that every recycled strip you return eliminates the need for an equal amount of new materials to create the durable industrial products into which they are recycled.

Don’t suffer the sting of sweat in your eyes on your next ride: Try Veo strips today. Customer testimonials consistently confirm that Veo is the best headband for cycling.