Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes While Playing Pickleball

Veo is an ultralight adhesive strip that channels sweat away from your eyes. Because Veo Strips channel, rather than absorb, they cannot saturate and have unlimited capacity.

Our strips are lightweight and easy to apply.

Join other Pickleball players who use Veo Strips to keep sweat out of their eyes during training and competition. 

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  • "I sweat a lot! I also wear prescription sunglasses while playing competitive Pickleball. Veo has made a huge difference in how often my glasses get soaked and how often I have to go to the towel. I’m sold!"  — Kim Jagd

  • "This is a great, easy to use product, and IT WORKS! Also really appreciate the recycling effort as they are single use."  — Rick S. 

  • "I’ve struggled for years with sweat running into my eyes and stinging! No more with these strips! I like the strips so much, I’ve recommended them to my son, who is an avid road biker and mountain biker." — Joey