Best Sweatband for Triathlon

Transitions can be extremely important in a triathlon. The smallest thing can cost you precious seconds in a competitive race. That’s why most triathletes plan and practice getting from the swim to the bike, then from the bike onto the run. The more practice, the more efficient you’ll get.

Athletes with a high sweat rate need to consider the best way to keep sweat off their face, away from their glasses during the bike, and out of their eyes. Arguably then, the best triathlon sweatband is one that you can put on before the swim and keep on throughout the cycling and running segments of Ironman.

We developed Veo strips to adhere securely to your forehead, and they’re waterproof (meaning they don’t saturate or hold water like a sweatband or headband). You can put one on before the swim, and it will still be on your forehead when you come out of the water to get on the bike. The Veo strip is a thin ultralight strip you wear across your forehead, therefore it won’t interfere with your bike helmet or glasses.

But, the top reason the Veo strip is the best sweatband for triathlons is how it works with, not against, your body’s natural cooling system—sweat. A traditional fabric triathlon headband or bandana may soak up sweat for a while, but it will become saturated during the race, and all the sweat it can no longer absorb will roll down your forehead into your eyes.

Getting sweat in your eyes during a triathlon will compromise your race. It can also be a safety hazard, particularly during the bike portion. It impedes and blurs your vision, and the sting of it is distracting, detracting from your focus on the race.

Veo strips are the best triathlon sweatbands because they don't absorb sweat: they divert it. The specially designed channel in the medical-grade plastic catches sweat before it rolls into your eyes and sends it sideways, toward your temples, where it will roll harmlessly off, carrying excess body heat with it as it evaporates. In that way, the Veo strip is the best headband for triathlons because it won’t trap heat against your forehead like a fabric sweatband, and it won’t become saturated and drip sweat into your eyes.

You have enough to worry about and plan for on the day of a triathlon. With Veo strips, getting sweat in your eyes won’t be one of those concerns. You can apply it to your forehead, beneath your swim cap, and forget about it until you cross the finish line.