Best Headbands for Stationary Bikes

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist training indoors on a rainy day or a busy parent stealing an hour for spin class, you’re going to work up a sweat. From high intensity interval training with bursts of power to a scenic ride video on that pandemic Peloton you bought, the goal is to pursue fitness, endurance, strength, and mental clarity. But it’s tough to maintain clarity with stinging sweat in your eyes.

The best headbands for stationary bikes are sweat diverting bands that channel sweat away from your eyes, so you can keep your mind focused on your spin instructor or your eyes on the virtual road in front of you. While traditional fabric cycling class headbands may work for a little while, they’ll quickly become saturated, and sweat will start rolling into your eyes in spite of them. Plus, cloth headbands trap heat against your forehead and impede the natural process of evaporation, which is how sweat works to cool the body.

There’s a better way! The best sweatbands for stationary bikes are different: Veo strips are made of a medical-grade plastic. These narrow strips adhere securely to your forehead, catch sweat as it rolls down toward your eyes, and channels it away to the sides of your face, where it can roll harmlessly away, taking some heat with it as it begins to evaporate.

Without a bike headband, you risk the constant distraction of needing to wipe sweat away, which detracts from your workout and your training. Sweat is the body’s natural temperature regulator, which is a good thing for a workout. However, too much of a good thing can turn a great training session or spin class into a tiresome chore. Don’t let this happen to you—get the most out of your training session or spin class with the best headband for stationary bikes: the Veo strip. Divert sweat before it rolls into your eyes, carrying stinging salt and irritating hair and skin products with it. Buy a supply of Veo strips today so you can concentrate on your fitness goals, without the distraction of blurry vision and eye irritation. With Veo strips, you’ll be prepared to give your best effort and get the most out of your training session, your spin class, or your Peloton!