Here's what our professional and amateur athletes have to say about Veo Strips. 


Best thing I have tried to keep sweat out of the eyes. And I have tried them all. — Gary R.


These are great! While I bought them for outdoors now using indoors on spin bikes & my Peloton! — Tom D.


I started with Veo on the rollers and TT bike; now I use it on all my training rides and races. — Tom Bohli, BMC Racing Team


In the hot, hazy, humid days, I’ve been sweating like a pig and had taken to carrying a piece of old towel to wipe my brow and keep the burning sweat out of my eyes. I put on a Veo Strips and problem solved. You don’t even notice its there. They just plain work. — Steve G., In The Know Cycling


Great product! Went for 20 mile ride Saturday in very hot, humid weather, and no sweat in my glasses or eyes. — Devette R.


It works like a freaking charm. — Carl W.


The absolute best things for sweat on the market! — Kimberley M.


It is a great product!! The first time I wore one was at the Chico Stage Race. After the race I thought “I didn’t even sweat that much. I didn’t really need it.” Then the next time I rode I didn’t wear one. The sweat was pouring in my eyes. I had never realized how much I wiped the sweat from my eyes. Without a Veo Strip I constantly do that windshield wiper thing with my fingers under my glasses. So this is what I realized, I really don’t notice it when I’m wearing a Veo Strip, but I certainly notice when I’m not! — Jay N.


It has worked really well. I have always had problems with sweat getting in my eyes and the Veo strip reduces the sweat by 80 to 90% most rides. — Larry G.


I used it for the first time at Colavita Gran Prix yesterday and wow, no drips of sweat into my eyes. This product is awesome!!! — Marco L.


Used it last weekend for the first time. Did a fantastic job. I used alcohol first to make sure it stuck. When I took it off, it was like surgical glue. Stuck tight. All good. I like the way it sticks. I have the clear color and don’t know why one would want to draw attention to it with color. Liked it a lot. Thanks. — Harris H.


So far I like them, I have only used them for cycling so far, but plan on using them for running during my next long run. — Greg P.


Great!... I was always battling sweat running onto my glasses but no more! — Rich H.


Used the Veo Strip yesterday for the first time. It was a long, challenging ride as well as a pretty warm day. The Veo worked better than I expected. I was on the road 8.5 hours and it worked the whole time! Glad I purchased them. — Dave S.


I used the Veo Strip on a century ride today. Stayed on the whole ride and as it was in the 90s it was a big help! The only thing I did differently was wash and dry my forehead and apply it lower than last time. What a great product. — Jason S.


Just used Veo on the Tour of California Alps Death Ride to great satisfaction. 124 miles, 15K+ climbing! — Joad S. 

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