Veo Strip Ambassadors

Paul Johnson

Sport: Ultrarunning

Paul will attempt to complete the Transcontinental Run across the United States in only 40 days, averaging 75 miles of running every day with his support crew. More important than the record is what this journey represents - a beacon of light for those struggling with mental health and the opportunity to raise $1 million for Team RWB.

Ultra Runner | Naval Officer
Paul is an accomplished ultra marathoner and content creator seamlessly blending together his two passions and showcases his developing relationship with running. His journey, which started only 16 months ago, has evolved into a year plus run streak averaging 15 miles every day, including a 24 hour ultra marathon race course record.


Cam Mencio

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Sport: Triathlon/Cycling

What I love about Veo Strip: I no longer have sweat making my eyes hurt every ride.

Bio: I am a bike racer turned triathlete. I raced for about 10 years. I now coach cross country and soccer at the high school level. Being a teacher makes training look different, but the Veo helps with workouts whether they are 30 minutes or 4 hours.

Instagram/Snapchat/TikTok: @MencinoMan

Facebook: Cam Mencio

Eliot Digby-Jones

Hometown: Surrey, UK

Sport: Triathlon

What I love about Veo Strip: Veo Strips are light, convenient and integrate seamlessly between sunglasses and helmets/headwear. They continue to be a game changer in my training and racing. Whether it’s on the TT bike or running, I’m no longer distracted by sweat running in my eyes or lenses, whilst also removing the need for any cumbersome headbands!

Bio: Currently a Great Britain Age Group Athlete in Duathlon and middle-distance Triathlon. After trying every sport under the sun, from Fencing to Rowing, I have found immense enjoyment and success in Triathlon. Since starting triathlon in 2020, I have competed in multiple IRONMAN70.3 races and recently competed in the 2023 World Championships in Ibiza. I will continue to represent GBR at the European championships this year, training and racing alongside my full-time career as a British Army Officer.

Instagram: @eliotddjones

Hillary Burgess

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Distance running

What I love about Veo Strip:
Training year-round in a very hot and humid climate, I love that Veo Strip keeps the sweat out of my eyes during the sweatiest months of the year.

Bio: Wife and mom of two, I’ve been road racing consistently since my first 5K at the age of 7, and I love traveling (especially for races). I did the Boston Marathon this year and will be doing NYC and Berlin in 2024


Lori Leatherbee

Hometown: Florida / Kentucky


What I love about Veo Strip:
I believe I came across Veo Strips online and am so thankful I did! I can “see,” and feel the difference, that’s what they are all about - to improve my performance! I sweat in all seasons during my activities, and now they have to be part of my running/workout gear!

I’ve been married to my hubby for 35 years, blessed with two beautiful adult children, and our little 15 year old schnauzer, Henry. I have always loved running, however, my reasons have changed and evolved throughout the years. My purpose for running is physical, mental and spiritual elements that bring out an inner strength! That strength grew confidence, which allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, experience more than I ever thought I would achieve as a runner, and more importantly to become a healthier, more positive and energetic person!


Matt Pyke

Hometown: Whitchurch, Hampshire UK / Morgan Hill, CA USA

Sport: Cycling

What I love about Veo Strip:
I love the fact it keeps my eyes sweat free in every ride inside and out.  

Since moving to CA, I found a love for racing my bicycle and currently a Northern California Masters bicycle road and velodrome racer for Monster Racing. I managed to achieved a couple of NorCal State Champs on the track but starting late hasn’t stopped me from driving to my goals. Married with two grow kids all of whom are active and supportive. 


John Wessling

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

XC Mountain Bike

What I love about Veo Strip:
There are few things that bother me more than stinging eyes due to sweat and trying to race with sweat on the backside of my glasses. Veo Strips eliminate both of these issues for me!

My career consists of coaching and training some of the world's best athletes. I myself was an NCAA XC-Ski racer and then transitioned into XC Mountain Bike racing at the professional level.

Strava: John Wessling

Josh Vernon

Hometown: Mendon, MA

Sport: Triathlon/Marathon

What I love about Veo Strip: Veo Strip allows me to train & race without concern about salty sweat in my eyes - and I am a salty sweater

Bio: I was a three-sport athlete growing up, now returning to competitive sports in my mid 40's after years away doing the career & family life. Stopped drinking in 2019 and started working out consistently again in 2020. In 2023, completed IM 70.3 Oceanside in under 6 hours, set a new 13.1 PR of 1:35 and ran my first 2 marathons, with a PR (thanks to Veo Strips) of 3:33. On the side, I get to co-host Another Triathlon Podcast and spend all my free time with my wife & daughter.

Wrick Tomas

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Shooting Sports (Multigun, Action Rifle, USPSA)

What I love about Veo Strip:
I am finally able to maintain a clear sight picture without sweat/sunscreen/bug spray getting into my eyes during matches.

I am a Navy Veteran and currently run my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy (Gracie Wesley Chapel) in Lutz, FL. I took up shooting sports in 2009 and have been an active competitor since. I also own a Firearms training company, GWC Gunwerks & Firearms Training and am the Chief Range Safety Officer at Fishhawk Sporting Clays.

@wricksta @gwc_gunwerks