Veo Sweat-Diverting Strip Applications

We invented Veo strips based on personal need for our particular athletic use. But the problem we set out to address is prevalent throughout sports, industries, and military markets—namely sweat getting into your eyes and onto your eyewear. That can cause stinging eyes and blurred vision, which is not only uncomfortable but can also be unsafe. Veo sweat-diverting strips address this in a novel way by capturing sweat and channeling it away. Traditional athletic headbands absorb sweat and are thus only effective until they’re saturated, at which point they must drip, usually directly into the eyes they are supposed to protect. Even wicking or non-slip headbands suffer from capacity limitations. Because Veo Strips are non-absorbent and simply move the sweat to the sides of the face, they cannot saturate and drip.

Cyclists were the first to start using Veo, but users quickly found applications in other sports. Among these are running, basketball, football, tennis, and pickleball. And Veo sweat-diverting strips are by no means limited to athletics. Many industrial processes take place in hot environments, causing sweat-related issues similar to those that occur in athletics. In fact, any work environment that requires heavy protective clothing and headwear can subject workers to conditions that cause sweating into the eyes. Veo can provide the same benefits to these users as it can for athletes. Finally, military personnel endure the same problem, especially in desert environments or when wearing heavy protective gear. Veo is effective first line gear for all these situations.

In addition to Veo’s safety and comfort, it’s also the first product to work in tandem with physiology rather than fighting it. Sweat serves important functions, the foremost being evaporative cooling. While headbands cover skin and trap heat, Veo allows airflow to reach the forehead, enabling better cooling and evaporation. For all these reasons, Veo is a truly versatile product that can work in any areas where sweating into the eyes can cause problems.

If sweat running into your eyes, causing stinging and blurring your vision, has been a problem for you, Veo is the answer. Order Veo sweat-diverting strips today.