Ways To Keep Sweat out of Your Eyes While Running

Ways To Keep Sweat out of Your Eyes While Running

Running is an intense exercise and requires you to give it your all, so sweating is inevitable. Addressing the issue of sweat trickling into your eyes is a must for any runner, so we’ll share some ways to keep it out of your eyes while exercising. First, let’s consider the causes of a sweaty forehead.

Why Does the Forehead Sweat So Much?

Your forehead sweats more than other parts of the body because of its high concentration of sweat glands. In fact, the forehead produces more sweat per square inch than any other body part to regulate your body temperature! As you pick up the pace and your body temperature increases, these glands secrete sweat to cool you down.

The Drawbacks of Conventional Sweat Control Methods

Wiping Sweat With a Towel or Wristband

Wiping sweat with a towel during short breaks might seem like a good solution, but it isn't practical during your run. Wristbands can be handy but often become saturated quickly, losing their effectiveness.

Cloth Headbands

Cloth headbands are other popular choices. Although they do a decent job at absorbing sweat, they tend to become saturated after a few miles. Depending on how absorbent they are, headbands might drip sweat into your eyes instead of stopping it.

Other Sweat Management Solutions

Use Petroleum Jelly or Lip Balm

One simple and inexpensive method to keep sweat out of your eyes is to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly or lip balm across the forehead. Angle the ends of your smear of these greasy or waxy solutions down the sides of your face to encourage sweat to drip away from your eyes. The line of petroleum jelly or lip balm prevents the sweat from falling into your eyes.

However, if you swipe your hand or wrist across your forehead, you’ll smudge your line of goo, and sweat could break the barrier and run down your face anyway.

Performance Hats

Acquiring a performance hat designed for runners should be on your checklist. These hats feature lightweight, breathable materials that wick sweat, ensuring your face remains dry while exercising.

Sweat-Diverting Athletic Headbands

Enter the game-changer: sweat-diverting athletic headbands, Veo Strips. These innovative headbands have "gutters" to channel sweat away from your eyes. With a unique design and high-performance materials, these headbands adhere to your forehead, won’t smear like a stripe of lip balm or petroleum jelly, and are waterproof. You can wear it during a triathlon, and it directs sweat toward the sides of your face to make the competition much more comfortable. You can buy sports headbands online in bulk to save if you run every day.

Don’t let sweat hinder your vision or distract you from achieving a personal best. Headbands with sweat diversion gutters, like Veo Strips, keep your eyes sweat-free. Performance hats can protect you from the sun while allowing natural evaporation to keep you cool. Try out these ways to keep sweat out of your eyes while running, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about during your next run.

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