Indoor Cycling and Cross Training With Veo Strips

Fall and Winter typically has riders transitioning to the indoor trainer and cross training with alternative sports. Several of our riders choose Veo for their indoor sessions as they sweat more in the closed environments of the studio, garage, or living room in front of the TV. Veo's sweat diverting technology helps them stay focused on the workout and allows them to worry less about continually wiping sweat from the forehead, face, and eyes.

Lex Albrecht comments on a recent indoor training session:

"Today’s workout that my coach posted in my TrainingPeaks account was a longer endurance ride that I decided to do on the rollers, inside.

I may enjoy inside riding a little more than the average cyclist, but I still use tricks to keep myself motivated and feeling good.

It’s easy for dehydration to sneak up indoors, so I make sure to use electrolytes in my bottles.

A fan is also key for me to stay comfortable, I don’t feel good if I am too warm, and Veo Strip keeps sweat out of my eyes so I can enjoy the ride without wiping off my face every two minutes.”

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