Top Reasons To Wear a Headband While Working Out

Top Reasons To Wear a Headband While Working Out

As a serious athlete, you’re always on the lookout for ways to enhance your training regimen and achieve your best results. You supply yourself with high-performance gear and athletic apparel. But even elite athletes sometimes overlook an important piece of equipment: the humble headband.

Traditional workout headbands are typically stretchy, moisture-wicking bands designed to wear around your forehead during exercise. But new designs feature technical improvements that do a better job. Explore the practical and physiological reasons to wear a headband while working out, and how an innovation in sweatbands does a better job than traditional headbands.

Sweat Management

The primary purpose of a headband—or more accurately, a sweatband—is to keep sweat off your face and out of your eyes. While sweat is an inevitable part of training, the right type of sweatband can prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry throughout your session.

Because traditional fabric headbands can become saturated with sweat, they eventually allow it to drip down your forehead and into your eyes. Veo Strips are an innovation that reimagines the sweatband and does a better job of managing sweat. Instead of absorbing sweat, they divert it away from your eyes toward the sides of your face. Using a Veo Strip as your workout headband solves the problem of stinging eyes and sweat-blurred vision.

Improved Visibility

You wear goggles during the swim portion of a triathlon to protect your eyes from chlorine or salt water: but out of the water, your eyes still need protection from sun and sweat. Clear vision during training and racing is imperative.

Veo Strips prevent sweat from rolling into your eyes, stinging and blurring your vision. They don’t interfere with sunglasses or hats, either. You wear them across your forehead, below where a baseball cap would rest but above the brow line where sunglasses would sit against your face. Regardless of the time of day you run or cycle, clear vision is essential to your safety.

Cooling Effect

Every athlete knows that sweat cools the body through evaporation. While moisture will evaporate from fabric headbands, these headbands actually work against your body’s built-in cooling system. Cloth headbands that cover your forehead trap heat. It takes longer for them to dry through evaporation than it takes for sweat to evaporate directly off your skin. The Veo Strip works with your body’s natural temperature regulation by diverting sweat—not absorbing it.

Wearing the right kind of workout sweatband can significantly improve your training experience. Managing sweat and helping stay cool are a few of the reasons to wear a headband during a workout. Compare the Veo Strip to a traditional cloth headband. We’re confident you’ll choose the sweat-diverting technology of the Veo Strip over fabric headbands to minimize distractions from sweat running into your eyes during training.

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