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What is Veo?

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How Veo Works

Keeps Sweat Out Of Your Eyes

Sweat dripping into your eyes and glasses is a distraction you don't need.




The Veo Strip Diverts It

Keep a clear eyed view of your workout for hours.

Tom Bohli BMC Pro Rider

Tom Bohli

BMC Pro Rider

Lex Albrecht Team Tibco SVB

Lex Albrecht

Team Tibco SVB

Dan Martin, World Champion Cyclist

Dan Martin, World Champion Cyclist

Kevin Metcalf, National Champion Cyclist

Kevin Metcalf, National Champion Cyclist

Michael O'Rourke National Champion Silver Medalist

Michael O'Rourke National Champion Silver Medalist

Anthony Fahden, US Olympic Rower

Anthony Fahden, US Olympic Rower

Tyler Nase, US Olympic Rower

Tyler Nase, US Olympic Rower

Robin Prendes, US Olympic Rower

Robin Prendes, US Olympic Rower

Veo Riding



Stop Trying to Absorb it All

When you are sweating up a storm trying to absorb sweat is a losing battle. Even the most advanced fabrics saturate quickly and stop working.





Your Forehead and Skin radiate heat, so leave them uncovered. 

The forehead sees a disproportionate amount of blood flowand relies on thermal radiation and sweat evaporation to cool the skin and your body.  The more uncovered you can keep your skin the cooler you will be. 



So we spent several years designing a better solution

Based on this scientific foundation and years of trial and error, we created a product to keep sweat out of your eyes and glasses. Veo combines a medical grade polymer and a skin compatible adhesive into a minimal coverage, single-use strip that works with your body's natural cooling process while preventing  sweat from getting in your eyes or glasses.


Available in Clear and 6 Different Colors

Pick Your Look

Choose Clear and Veo virtually disappears

Choose Clear and Veo virtually disappears

What Our Users Say

“Thanks Veo Strips! I ended up getting second place in the race I used Veo Strips. The race I did earlier in the day, I finished fourth without the Veo Strips, with sweat pouring into my eyes.”
— Ben F. - Revs Cycling Team
“In the hot, hazy, humid days, I’ve been sweating like a pig and had taken to carrying a piece of old towel to wipe my brow and keep the burning sweat out of my eyes. I put one of these Veo Strips on and problem solved. I initially joked that these were a rain gutter for your forehead but being able to ride with both eyes open and not having to stop to wipe my forehead is kind of like riding in the cool weather. You don’t even notice its there. They just plain work.”
— Steve G.- In The Know Cycling
“The Veo Strip worked really well, I made the mistake of thinking I wasn’t going to need one the next day at the Berkeley criterium and sweat was pouring in my eyes.”
— Theo G. -Mike's Bike's Team Rider
Theo G. Veo Testimonial.jpg

Why We Created Veo

Veo started as an idea hatched on a long, sweaty climb up the Flume Trail near Lake Tahoe. With sweat and sunscreen running into his eyes, Jim thought there had to be a solution.

After trying nearly everything under the sun, headbands, hats, and skull caps, he decided to see if he could come up with something that really worked- without saturating or trapping heat, and while letting sweat do its job by evaporating from the skin’s surface. Relying on his experience and connections in the medical device space, he spent several years experimenting with different materials, adhesives, and manufacturing processes to perfect the Veo Strip.

Today, professional cyclists, serious endurance athletes, and sweaty weekend warriors have discovered Veo Strips as a terrific way to keep sweat out of their eyes in training and races. Hot hill climbs, time trials, spin classes, and long rows are just a few of the places athletes are using the Veo.

Our Team

Jim Shapiro

Jim Shapiro is a medical device venture capitalist. For 30 years Jim has helped companies bring advanced medical devices and solutions to market. Jim has also long supported youth sports and fitness and most recently worked on a redevelopment of playing fields in the Presidio of San Francisco. As an avid mountain biker, Jim created Veo to help make his rides more comfortable and safer.

Andy Liverman

A former US National Team Rower, Andy has worked for more than a decade at the intersection of technology and fitness, helping to bring new products to market. He has retired from elite rowing but continues to compete and coach at the club level. He has also discovered cycling and triathlons as a way to get his endorphin high. You can find him biking in Marin, running across the Golden Gate or swimming in the San Francisco Bay.